How can you know a publication is an academic journal rather than just a magazine?

The language of the articles usually contains jargon related to that field. Authors are usually experts in a certain field. If you've examined your article and you're still not sure what type you have, Google the title of the post. On the magazine's website, read about its purpose, audience, and topics (look for a link about the publication or scope) of the publication).

Remember that peer-reviewed journals will always state that they are peer-reviewed. If you still can't decide, email the librarians for help. While each journal, magazine, and newspaper is a little different, there are some clues that can help you determine what type of article you're reading. Learn about or review original research or experiments in a discipline or academic topic with a focus specific.

For that reason, journals and academic articles are often available through libraries or other large organizations that rely on access to research. This video, from the idea to the library, provides a quick overview of the academic publishing process, which is very different from the process of publishing an article for a journal. While articles from popular journals are sometimes acceptable sources for research tasks, many teachers expect students to use articles from academic journals. Academic journals tend to be very expensive because they publish about research that was very expensive to carry out or produce.

Researchers, academics, or experts in the field; the article includes your academic credentials. This is because they don't document their sources of information and usually lack the depth of academic journals. Often, these journals undergo a peer review process (reviewed by other specialists in the field before being published). These journals are sometimes referred to as peer-reviewed journals or refereed journals.

Journals aren't necessarily of poor quality or low quality (nor are they necessarily of high quality); they're simply not designed to support most academic research of a higher level.