What is the purpose of the academic journal article?

The purpose of academic journals is to publicize the latest scientific advances and to commit to the continuation and development of research in different fields. Researchers, scientists and the academic community choose to publish the results of their work in academic sources. Editage Insights offers a wealth of free academic research and publishing resources and is a comprehensive guide for authors and others involved in academic publishing. Obviously, in the case of primary sources, it doesn't matter if they have been produced to academic standards or not.

Journals offer different niches for communicating research, from “their own” publications that include more information about society than original research articles to large high-level journals that only include original research, and everything in between. Scientific journals are an excellent way to make known to the public the results of research, the latest discoveries and advances, and the future prospects of research. Journals offer a wide collection of academic articles that can be used to understand the progress of knowledge in a research field and to develop ideas for future research. The impact factor of a magazine, a rigid and often misleading commentary, is similar to the term megapixel for digital cameras; the importance of a magazine to a particular community is not always reflected in its impact factor.

Journals now often offer more than a publishing platform and invite researchers to participate more in published research. Stack Exchange Academy is a question and answer site for academics and people enrolled in higher education. Magazine publishers deserve recognition for having extensively experimented with and invested in digitization and distribution platforms before the electronic journal market existed. I think the answer lies in seeking the purpose of citing anything other than journal articles and books.

Journal articles are the end product of most research, and a researcher's performance and productivity are largely judged by the number of publications and where they appear. The launch of this interesting and innovative series on publications coincides with the 350th celebration of the publication of the first academic journal.