What are the main parts of an academic journal article?

To effectively and efficiently communicate information, journal articles in many fields follow a particular structure and organization known as IMRAD. This section will contain many references to “literature”, that is, to research that is already published in accredited journals. The purpose of the literature review is to analyze previous work on the subject, point out the questions that remain outstanding and relate the research presented in the rest of the article to the existing literature. However, for others, especially when it comes to articles in medical journals, it may be someone who is reading everything they can about a recent diagnosis they or a loved one is facing. Another main purpose of an academic article is to provide readers with enough information about a study to reproduce it.

While articles from academic journals are often the most important sources you'll consider incorporating into your courses, they're not the only sources you have. So why would an ordinary person want to read an academic article? For some, it may be simple curiosity. In either case, search the Cited Literature section to find the title of the article, the name of the journal, the date of publication and the page numbers. An academic article, also known as research or original article, is one of the main ways in which new knowledge and discoveries are communicated to a scientific or academic community. Scientists use abstracts to reduce the number of journal articles they read in depth, so it's critical to include all the main parts of the study.

Unlike scientific articles found in scientific journals such as Scientific American or Psychology Today, which take a journalistic approach to covering advances, journal articles have a concise writing style, lots of numbers, and scientific jargon. Journal articles on hospital-acquired infections, for example, usually have an introduction stating the magnitude of the problem of acute respiratory infections, the specific research in the area they are discussing (for example, a pathogen or a treatment) and why they decided to focus on their area of research. This publication will explore the basic parts of a scientific journal article, including the parts you should omit if you just want to have an overview. Scientific articles, also called academic or academic articles, are daily reading for many professionals.