How do you choose an academic journal?

The transparency of the journal in terms of its objective and scope, the editorial board, the indexing status, the peer review process, the reputation and the policies of the authors are among the key indicators of quality journals. These criteria can help identify the right quality journals for publication. There are several considerations when choosing a journal: the suitability of the journal for research, the journal's status among its peers, the likelihood of being accepted by the journal, the quality of the editorial process, the speed of publication, the opening of the journal, etc. All that said, here is a list of considerations and a valuable tool to help you choose the best journal for your research.

Regardless of the publisher or journal you choose, make sure they have high standards of peer review and publishing ethics. For findings that have implications for researchers in other fields, choose a more general or interdisciplinary journal. In publishing articles, choosing a magazine for publication is a strategically important step so that your work has the opportunity to shine and attract the attention of the right people. The choice of a journal is important in the early stages of the research process because different journals require articles of different length, focus and bibliographic style.

So, while it's not a rule to choose your journal before you start writing, it will save you and your team a lot of time. From objectives to scope, values and ethical practice, there are many things to consider before choosing a journal to submit an article. Learn how to choose a journal that helps your study reach its audience and, at the same time, reflects your values as a researcher.