What is the difference between academic journal and paper?

Publishing journals is a dream for many students and researchers, especially if it's their first research project. In conclusion, a journal is a collection of articles on various academic topics with limited words, while a research paper is an extensive and detailed study on a specific topic. A research article is a primary source, that is, it reports on the methods and results of an original study carried out by the authors. The type of study may vary (it could have been an experiment, a survey, an interview, etc.).The main distinction between a journal article and a conference paper is that, while both require drafting, journal articles are intended for publication in journals, while conference papers are intended for presentation at conferences and can be published in conference proceedings.

In addition, conference papers have fewer pages than journal articles and are often limited to four to ten pages. There are also important differences in the review process, as journal articles require a considerably more thorough and strict review. Conference papers are short and precise documents with a limited number of pages in which academics present the results of their research.